I engage directly with paint and canvas, embracing the unknowable as it is the departure of my work. I do not dictate the direction of the work- the paintings tell me when and where to go.

I apply layers of paint, then excavate into the layers by sanding until the image dematerializes. The work is then shored up with more layers of paint, followed by more sanding. It is a process of adding, removing, wearing out, changing, scraping and pouring. As much as the work flows, it is also interrupted, abandoned and dissolving. My paintings are born out of process and practice, addition and subtraction. I want to push the painting almost to its failure point- the point at which it is exhausted is where I find the most possibility.

In my paintings, a sense of place appears and disappears. A constant unearthing of surface creates a geography that is not concrete, rather flexible. Abstractions through color, layer, space, light and texture illuminate the essence in the mindscape of my work.